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This hybrid Container Home/Traditional Built Home was the first of its kind in our area and the first to be financed with a traditional mortgage! (Very few other container homes in the US have been financed this way!)

We are grateful for  Amarillo National Ban and Interstate Bank in Amarillo; Bryce Mallory, our engineer from PSE Consulting Engineers, INC of Oregon; and Katie Wieck, of Wieck Realty, and amazing super intendant Matt Freitas for helping us accomplish this goal.

While it wasn’t without its challenges, we love with how this project has come together and are thrilled for the family who have made this house their dream home! See the photos of how this project came together! All final photos were taken just before completion. 

Click through the below photos to see more of this house!

Clifton Builders Website Floorplans - 14.png
Clifton Builders Website Floorplans - 15.png
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